We work with International Beverage Management, a leading beverage formulation company, to develop successful drinks. Whether you are looking for flavored alcoholic drinks, fortified drinks, certified organic beverages, soft drinks, or sports energy drinks (to name a few), we understand each element on the value matrix, and guide our clients through the development process.

Our team has an ever expanding library of flavors and formulations, assisting start-ups, multinationals, or retailers, to formulate beverages and launch top quality drinks. We can offer launch ready products from this library, or we can customize a drink based on your needs.

We can work on our own, or  with other R&D departments to produce a winning beverage. The service includes full documentation, costing formulae, ingredient statements etc. Although we are not attorneys, our experience can be helpful in identifying potential regulatory issues.

The vitally important first step in creating your new product starts when you define your product below, in as much detail as you can. We will then get in touch with you to discuss the next step.

We provide the following services:

   Formulation Process (Ideation)

   Costing Alalysis (Identifying Limitations & Opportunities)

   Fine Tuning Flavors (Sampling Stage, Prototypes)

   Ingredient Declarations and Nutritional Facts (Documentation)

   Supply of Key Ingredients (Tops Quality at competitive Prices)  

   Technical & Production Support (Know-How, Co-Packing)

   Guidance on Brand Development (Commercialization)

Our products are “individually tailored” to the customer’s needs and
the customer is fully engaged in the development process.