Ingredients – Concentrates -Flavors – Essence – Fortificants

We have hundreds of flavors in our palette, covering all areas of the flavor wheel; we also mix and blend to come up with infinite combinations.

But it’s not just flavors. In order to simplify your beverage ingredient sourcing, we supply key functional ingredients including vitamin premixes, energy blends whether natural or not, and any key item required by the formulation. Through our ingredients, we can assist with sugar reduction in your formulations, in order to conform to new regulations.

We have worked with multinationals like Heineken, Walmart, and Sunkist Growers, with regional powerhouses like Cerveceria Centroaméericana, Wisynco, and Blue Waters, or smaller local players like Kennesaw, or startups – Sparkling Bitters, and Game Juice. We have the resources and experience to work with anyone committed and determined to develop a winning beverage product, from a flavored alcoholic drinks, to a complex functional beverage.