Once a brand has created its space, it is a dynamic asset; growing this asset can mean extending to a neighboring category, or expanding to a new geographical market. Our knowledge of the beverage industry in the Americas, our networking reach, and our in-house company profiles, make us the ideal go-to partner for beverage companies ready to expand to new markets and reach new customers.

We analyze the best way forward for this expansion – maybe export with local distributors, licensing, or local contract production with the brand-owners’ distribution. We will identify local partners, contact them and if required, negotiate with them on the brand-owner’s behalf. We can act as the brand owner’s representative once the deal is signed, to manage progress.

We currently represent Sunkist, and are in the process of expanding their brand to new markets in the beverage category throughout the Americas. We have previously represented other companies, such as Bulmer’s and Vimto.