We can deliver private label soft drinks directly to our customers. This service combines product development, ingredient supply, and contract packing.

Unlike most private label beverage companies, our level of involvement depends on the client’s needs. For example, we can help with any or all of formulations, ingredient sourcing, packaging development and sourcing (bottles, cans, closures etc.), graphics and label design, printing of cans and labels, identifying beverage co-packing options, negotiating minimum runs and pricing for production, registering UPC and preparing label declarations, and registering a trademark on our customer’s behalf.

We can either supply the finished product to the customer or use our expertise to manage the beverage co-packing process on its behalf.

To meet each customer’s demands, we have many ways of structuring an agreement. We are very flexible, and our objective is to always get you the best product, from the best manufacturing partner, at the best rate, and produced closest to your prime target market.

The most important process in private label development, is understanding the requirements in terms of processing and packaging, and then filling in the rest of the blanks, always bearing the final cost target in mind. It is always best to identify a manufacturing partner early on, and work within their capabilities.